Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brangelina to Adopt a Scandinavian Child

Angelina Jolie and long-time partner Brad Pitt are reportedly planning to add a 7th child to their ever-expanding brood despite perpetual tabloid reports of marital discord.

Adoption rumors have been sparked by Jolie’s personal comments and prolonged visits to a number of foreign orphanages. Jolie recently stated, “I can see further additions to the family — both adopted and our own.”

Initial reports indicated that the couple was looking in Syria or Haiti, the latter country having garnered Jolie’s attention after her visit following the recent earthquake. Other sources report that she’s contemplating adopting from Africa; she would like to give Ethiopian-born Zahara a cultural companion.

In recent months, adoption rumors have swirled elsewhere. Pitt has reportedly convinced Jolie that if they don’t have another biological child together, he’d prefer to adopt a child from a Scandinavian country. Pitt apparently feels that the couple has focused too much on Africa and Asia. They need, in his opinion, to bring some attention to Scandinavia, a region that is often overlooked in the mainstream media.

Sarah Henry, Vice President of the Scandinavian-American Alliance explains, “No one really thinks much about Sweden, Norway and Denmark, although I suppose Norway is on people’s radar because of Elin Woods.” Such countries generally enjoy high GDPs and standards of living, despite the intensely dark winter months that cause seasonal effective disorder (“SAD”).

In addition to raising interest in the region, and the obstacles its residents face, Pitt believes that a Scandinavian child would make his first biological daughter feel more at home in the Pitt-Jolie household. Shiloh, with her blond hair, blue eyes, and striking features, could certainly benefit from a kindred spirit.

Brad and Angelina also worry that Shiloh’s tomboy tendencies could be problematic. A source explains, “Brad and Angie believe that a pretty, blond little sister could really help Shi develop into a nice young woman. The twins probably won’t be able to fill that role, because everyone thinks they are starting to resemble their maternal grandfather, John Voight.”

All eyes are on the famous, jetsetting family to see how their latest adoption plan unfolds.

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